With more than 30 years we have proudly serviced the shooting community. From Law Enforcement, Department of Defense, F.N., to the Target and Hunting community we have always put quality of work above quantity. Never forgetting the old school values of how gunsmithing used to be. A custom work of art not simply parts swapped out. Attention to detail is what we strive, and we will return no product unless it meets our high standards.

So whether you are looking for that custom build or a simple recoil pad, we look forward to give you the highest quality service.

We do not mind taking the time and walking through your project build, we want you confident with whom you trust your build to!


"contractor grade services"


our staff of specialist`s 

each gunsmith has a unique skill set and we allow them to focus on what they do best. so projects completed are done so to exceed factory standards.

We offer U.S. Consulting services. We can help you increase your services and improve your bottom line Business wise,. Expanding  services to include Cerakoting, Hydro Graphic`s, Action jobs, as well a package deals on Glocks, M&P`s and shields not to mention S&W action Jobs as well a Ruger  Black hawks, Super Red Hawks GP, SP style revolvers as well as 1911`s..