Firearms refinishing comes in many shapes and forms. By far Cerakote is our most popular, However Hot Bluing, Chrome and Nickel finishing is also offered. We also offer Wood stock refinishing along with Hydrographic water transfering for wood , poly, aluminum and steel.

Single color handgun, $199.00

dis-assembly ,re-assembly please add $50.00 labor

Two tone please add $45.00

Some 1911 and other tighter slide to frames may require hand lapping at a reasonable up-charge



AR 15 and AK platform weapons start at $325.00 pending rails and accessories , price does not include take down and reassembly  , $45.00 each extra in-house color.

Most pump and Semi-auto Shotguns single color including trigger assembly metal hardware only $250.00, $45.00 each  extra  in-house color.

Bolt Action Rifles including all hardware , base, rings , floor plate and sights $250.00 single color.

dis-assembly, re-assembly please add $90.00 labor

We also offer Gunsmith specials which include a discount rate since we are not requires to do total tear down and re-assemby you  can save a few dollars, since most weapons listed above are complete start to finish pricing, NO HIDDEN FEE`S

Gunsmith Cerakote Specials

What we mean by Gunsmith Cerakote specials is- the client completely strips firearm to it`s bare components. So it is ready for degreasing, bake off, Blasting , Coating and baking. Client is responsible for final assembly of course.

AR Platform - Completely stripped receiver, completely stripped upper no barrel, Buffer tube, Rail system up to 15" with any in-house color. $200.00
Two tone please add $50.00. Now custom vinyl graphic`s are available to suit your needs, patterns, logo`s , P.O.R.

1911 and most standard pistol platforms completely stripped and ready for prepping, Includes completely stripped slides, Stripped frame, Beaver tail grip safety, Main Spring Housing, Slide Stop,Mag release, Bushing. $125.00
Two tone please add $35.00.

Glock and most similar striker fired pistols, completely stripped and ready for prepping, Includes Slide, Frame, Mag release, take down lever or similar. $100.00
Two tone please add $35.00

Special pricing as listed above for other firearms such as Shot guns, AK platform, Bolt Rifles, Lever Action, Muzzle loaders, as long as they are stripped and ready for prepping gunsmith pricing will apply. Please inquire since the vast amount of different weapons including SxS, O/U , etc, is to vast to list.

All with 7 to 10 day turn around time with in-house colors (please inquire as inventory changes). Special color requests and mixing are available possibly at additional cost.

Please check our web site or the cerakote site or across the web for samples of our work. If you do not find something you like please inquire about our unique graphic design vinyl cutting capabilities.

Please be advised- we follow all Cerakote procedures to the letter, no short cuts. All steps and proper and recommended chemicals and media as well as proper baking time is followed. All products are coated inside and out.

Thank you

The secret to the final finish is all in the prep work, if the prices sounds to good to be true , then some steps are being by-passed.