Lever action rifles action work

Marlin, Winchesters, Rossi`s. This is a complete action rework regardless for sport of hunting this package slicks up , speeds up, reduces trigger pull and increases the overall performance of the weapon. $150.00.
Trigger work only $75.00


Labor only unless listed.

Clean complete- disassemble inspect , reassemble $75.00 most long guns (less A-5`s Mod 12`s)

Handguns $55.00

Recrown Barrel $65.00 (customers stripped barreled action- stock and scope removal and remounting extra $35.00)

Pillar bed bolt action rifle $150.00 including free floating barrel (includes 2 point bedding)

Glass bed and free float Bolt action rifle $190.00

Full length Bedding of bolt action Rifle $250.00

Drill and tap for scope mount average or starting at $95.00 4 hole standard, custom mounting available. Include Mounting and bore sighting. Site-in with customer supplied ammo  with this service add $25.00

Mount and boresight customer supplied  base ,rings, optics $35.00 - Site-in add $25.00 with customers ammo.

Install sling studs $35.00

Zero in customer rifle with customer supplied ammo $50.00 (100 yards)

Install Recoil pad cut to L.O.P. if required $125.00 includes up to a 1" Kick eez pad.

Hydro-recoil reducers $250.00 plus system of customers choice.


Performed on most weapon systems.

Glock and M&P, XDS/XDS $75.00 (labor only)

Most Bolt action rifles 2.5 to 4 lbs Adj. $95.00

AR PLATFORM rifles and pistols $125.00

Specials for Remington pump, semi-auto Rifles and Shotguns w/over travel screw. 3.5 to 4lbs $90.00 plus $10.00 return shipping if required.

Revolver and pistol trigger work listed above.

Lever action rifles action work

Marlin, Winchesters, Rossi`s. This is a complete action rework regardless for sport of hunting this package slicks up , speeds up, reduces trigger pull and increases the overall performance of the weapon. $150.00

Trigger work only $75.00



Clean complete safety inspected with test fire customer supplied ammo $85.00

Safety inspection for newly customer build, check weapon complete, head space, springs , pins, buffer, stake where required with test fire with customer provided ammo $85.00

Install forearm - non barrel removal $65.00

install set and adj. customer supplied most trigger systems $75.00

Install gas block $65.00

Install Forearm system with Barrel removal $100.00

Pin and weld customer supplied brake or suppressor adapter $125.00

Cut and recrown ,thread and pin and weld customer supplied brake or suppressor adapter $200.00

We offer a complete ar- platform service from the smallest detail to a complete custom build price inquire on your needs, we have all the required tooling to perform the service above and beyond what you can expect from the factory.

Ruger MK1, 2,3, Pistol services include complete Polish and Honing of internal parts, also Over travel and take up screw for that perfect crisp trigger pull, 2 3/4ibs to 4 lbs. customers choice, not to mention feed ramp, target crown and many other services available . 

Ruger 10-22 rifles,from barrel set back with custom match chamber recut , to the cleanest breaking trigger along with glass bedding, re-barrel match crowns, receiver cut cleaning access so you never have to worry about damaging your crown again. We know and love the 10-22 ruger is the King of production auto -loading target and hunting grade rifles .

Lets talk Beretta , Cz 75, Browning Hi-Power pistol`s we provide the Big Name results with a faction of the cost , We can re-work your stock parts or add The highest quality aftermarket parts available providing you the finest tool man can make. 

Clean Complete Services to weapons systems.

When we clean your weapon we go down deep and strip complete for a above and beyond factory clean. So when we charge you- we make sure you get your money worth. Function test, and test fire with customer supplied ammo upon request.

Sure other shops clean weapons but do they inspect for wear and tear? Chips on contact points, damage to chambers or crowns? Why trust your most important tool to just anyone? Bring it to us, we have been servicing the industry for a quarter of a century plus.

We are local with Magnaport, so all products are hand delivered and picked, And service's need by Magnaport can run thru us saving you in shipping charges and time.

Barrel threading and muzzle brake service are also available .

All services are not listed , if you have a special need re-guarding your pet project please drop us a line or e-mail.

Remington 700 Tactical bolt knob services.

We preform a lot of Remington 700 services but this one we like to show case, next to Glass bedding , free float barrels , Re-crowning factory barrel and trigger work this services greatly enhances performance on your rifle either on the hunting model or sniper / target grade this is highly recommended.

This for Right hand 700 only at present.  Bolt knob turned down on lathe to standard knob 5/16-24 tpi. Will include Black Tactical handle . (as shown above, may vary slightly)

$100.00 plus $15.00 return insured shipping if no insurance required 10.00 return shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

10 to 14 day turn around time once we receive shipment.

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Butter smooth action jobs on your carry revolver : to include cylinder chamfered, forcing cone trued if needed, trigger contoured, recrown. $150.00

Single action revolvers hunting or cowboy action tuned $125.00

Other custom work of course is offered , sights, hammer alteration, grip alterations etc.

S&W round butt $115.00 (includes cold blue or polished s.s.)

Recrowning recess of barrel,hammer and trigger recontouring,sights installed , forcing cones cut and trued , to many services to list. 

1911 work- Michigan`s finest pistol builder- "WE CREATE A GREAT SHOOTER FROM THE INSIDE OUT"

OUR MOST POPULAR PACKAGE- your 1911 is ready for street, field use or range.

Our carry package includes we stock parts unless other wise noted: Thumb Safety hone for smooth yet positive operation, Throat and polish of feed ramp and Barrel for flawless feeding of ball and H.P. Ammo, Extractor tuned and adjusted, Trigger / recut and hone to a crisp 3.5 to 4 lbs clean brake. Wilson style recess target crown for enhanced accuracy and crown protection.

All for $199.00.

Prices denote labor only.

Fit and install match grade Barrel and Bushing (non-ramped) $155.00

Machine for Ramped Barrels $250.00, includes fititng of barrel , bushing , link and lugs

Install Match Bushing 65.00

Install Thumb safety $65.00 , Ambi- $85.00

Sights $55.00 Stake on, $45.00 dovetail (add $10.00 plus ammo for range proof fire)

Machine slide for front sight sight $75.00

NOVAK Rear and front sight $250.00

Install/blend Mag well $90.00

Install after market Trigger $45.00 (labor only)

Cut frame to except Beavertail grip safety $95.00 (does not include refinish)

Fit Match Bushing and re-crown $85.00.

Many other custom 1911 services are available please inquire on your needs.

Refinishing and or Bead blasting is not included in pricing.
Please Be advised we have an on site range with test fire of customer guns for performance is preformed.